Knowing your loved pet is

boarded with a Veterinarian

can bring you peace of mind. Should something happen and your pet gets sick, we are here to treat the problem right away. Our

kennel attendant

keeps a very close look at our boarders and he makes sure everybody is eating and drinking and going to the bathroom as they should. He will address any change in behavior to Dr. Helsted.

We are

open 6 days a week

for drop off or pick up for our boarding guests.

For the safety and the health of all our boarders, pets are required to be up to date on vaccinations.

We are pleased to feed our boarding animals Hill's Science Diet. Owners are welcome to bring any special food for their pets. We will feed your pet once or twice a day so they can keep the same eating schedule as if they were home.

We can administer your pet's medication as needed while in our care. We have several boarders on insulin, seizure medicine, pain medicine etc., and it is a comfort for you to know these medicines are administered by knowledgeable and capable personal.

If you wish, we can bathe your pet, before you pick him/her up. If your pet needs any procedures done such as teeth cleaning, toe nail trim, physical exam, anal gland expression, deworning, ear cleaning, stool exam, spay or neuter etc., we happily will do them during the time your pet is boarding with us.

We have

large dog runs and we have smaller cages available

for our boarding guests. We recommend only one pet in each run/cage. Even if your two pets are the best of friends while at home, being in an unfamiliar place can be a little stressful and they might fight especially during meal time. If you still wish for your two pets to be together we will have you sign a waiver in case anything should happen.
Cat Boarding in Upland